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Posted October 2006

Virginia Wine Regions

Redd Restaurant

(VIRGINIA) – Many things grow in the beautiful, lush, and green rolling hills of Virginia – and the number of the state’s wineries are one of those things. Now at more than 100 and growing, viticulture is fast becoming an important industry for the state, and a fun activity for the visitor.

Virginia has five main wine regions. Each of these wine regions has many interesting and varied wineries to visit, a number of them located along wine trails and wine ways.

Northern Virginia: Closely located to Washington, D.C. and Dulles International Airport, the Northern region boasts a significant number of the state’s wineries.

Blue Ridge WineWay and Beyond
A Look at Loudoun County Wineries

Central Virginia: Here is where Thomas Jefferson started making wine centuries ago. Also closely located to DC and Dulles, this region wine trails have more than 20 of the states wineries positioned along them.

Eastern Virginia: Situated south of DC, many of this region’s wineries are also easy drives from Dulles. This wine region is not as densely populated with wineries as the Central and Northern regions.

Shenandoah Region: Breathtakingly beautiful, the Shenandoah is very popular during harvest (fall) when the leaves turn spectacular shades of red, orange, and gold. If you are flying into DC and Dulles, these wineries are located the farthest from this large airport. Expect to drive several hours from DC to visit this wonderful valley.

Southwestern Virginia: The Blue Ridge wineries make their home on these spectacular mountainsides. Also not quite as many wineries at this time as the Central and Northern regions. Check out the Blue Ridge Wine Trail (not to be confused with the Blue Ridge Wine Way in the Northern Virginia region)

Virginia loves to celebrate its wine culture and hosts many festivals and events. It is likely that you can find something going on almost every weekend. October is the state’s official wine month and there are many activities set up to help give people a reason to get out and enjoy the countryside.

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